National Institiue for Health and Clinical Excellence

Annual Review - 2012/2013
field team

Spreading the word at a local level

NICE engages with the NHS at a local level through its team of implementation consultants, who work with organisations to help put NICE guidance into practice.

They work with NHS, local authority and other organisations in their area, and helps ensure regular interaction with NICE stakeholders.

This year, we visited over 1,000 local and government organisations, more than in any previous year. We began work with directors of public health as they and their teams moved into local authorities under new regulations, and a new implementation consultant started work in the Northern Ireland province

As NICE’s remit expands into social care in 2013, we worked with commissioners in over 100 local authorities to help describe this role. In addition, we maintained our existing networks in primary care trusts to ensure continuity as the changes in commissioning took place.

Working with heads of midwifery

NICE has produced a large body of guidance that relates directly to maternity services, with new and updated pieces of guidance available on topics such as multiple pregnancy, caesarean section, ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage.

As a result, this year we embarked on a programme of work visiting heads of midwifery to discuss how NICE resources could be best used to provide high quality care. Between June 2012 and March 2013, we visited 120 maternity units in England, nearly 90 per cent of the total number.

During these visits we provided heads of midwifery with updates on latest NICE guidance, quality standards, and support materials relevant to maternity services. The meetings also provided the heads with opportunities to give their feedback on NICE guidance and discuss some of the challenges around implementation.

A survey on the usefulness of these visits suggested that the units currently make good use maternity-related NICE guidance, with widespread knowledge of the guidance among midwives.

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This year, we visited over 1,000 local and government organisations, more than in any previous year